The holidays are full of new engagements, so, tis the season for wedding planning.  Lori J Photography has had the pleasure of teaming up with Lisa Dorenfeld of Lisabeth Events to start off the 2014 year. We are super excited!!! I also had the pleasure of photographing Lisa’s professional portraits for the face of Lisabeth Events.
As a photographer, I hear a lot of reasons why folks wished the had a wedding planner for their wedding. Ladies often say they though it would be too expensive, its really not! I, myself am one of those brides who wished I had a wedding planner. The “day of” messes are bound to happend and it is fabulous to have a “go to person” to send a text or call to have them handle things for you. Your wedding day should be relaxing and spending time soaking in the joy and the company of your friends and family, NOT running around, setting up, and worrying, that doesn’t sound fun at all.
Working with a wedding planner can also save you big bucks! When vendors team up together, you often get preferred pricing. Vendors love working with each other and when they get to, the day runs smoother and you get to kick back and enjoy the financial perks, and the details of your wedding day. To introduce this idea of wedding planning, Lisa will be talking a little about wedding planning.  
Introducing Lisa of Lisabeth Events your Colorado Event Planner:
Hello! My name is Lisa Dorenfeld. I am a Colorado native and love living in the most beautiful state. I have always been very organized and the love of helping friends put together weddings/events has ignited my passion to become an event planner.
I met my husband at Colorado State University and we have been together for 6 years. I am also a newly wed, so I know what it feels like to plan a wedding and how it feels to be overwhelmed by all the choices that a bride faces. That is why is it so helpful to have a planner, we are able to take away and carry some of the burden you feel to make decisions alone as a bride. I have also experienced a wedding without a planner, and due to Murphy’s Law, things are bound to go wrong. With a planner you are ensuring that no matter what happens on your special day that you will be able to relax and enjoy your family/friends and most importantly your soon to be husband! No one wants to work hard on putting together their perfect day to see things fall apart because you can’t watch over all of the staff to make sure things are going off without a hitch. The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is micromanaging people you don’t know, just to be stressed out as you walk down the aisle. I am there to ensure that you can fully enjoy your day in the spotlight.
I tell brides to pick their date first. If they have a specific venue that they have always wanted, they need to make sure they are a little flexible depending on the time of year and how busy that venue tends to be. Naturally, booking the venue is usually the next best step, this will ease their mind about how to decorate, pick their dress, and how many guests they are able to invite. And of course the dress is another big step after getting engaged. Depending on where they buy the dress, they might have to wait 6-9 months to get that dress in, and then there are usually alterations. So always keep in mind how much time you have so you can get that dream dress.
My absolute favorite thing about weddings is when the officiant announces the bride and groom as husband and wife. It is amazing to see the look on their faces, it is always pure love and joy. It always brings a warmth to my heart and it is in that moment that you see how much they truly love each other.
It is always good in the wedding industry to find vendors that know each other and have a professional relationship established. They are able to communicate efficiently and we know how each other work, creating a better work environment in which we can do our jobs to our best abilities. We are able to work as a well oiled machine and being familiar with who we are working with can create an amazing wedding!
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