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Breaking the mold. That seems to be the new trend these days with professional headshots. Breaking the mold of the traditional corporate headshot. Instead of the plan backdrop, business owners and professionals are turning towards a new style of photography referred to as lifestyle.  This style shows more of your personality and exhibits the face of your business or the style of you management.  If you are considering venturing into a new style of headshots, consider a few things to see if breaking the mold is for you.

Tips to help you pick your style for your photography session

1. What do you want to convey to your clients? – Consider the type of services you offer. Regardless of what you offer, your customers want to see who they are working with.  Consider your ideal clients and what message you are trying to send, is it helpful neighborhood repairs, trendy design consultant, caring therapist, artistic graphic artist, corporate manager with a creative side, or experienced painter. Whatever your title or business venture, you convey a message to attract clients for your business.

2. What is your personality? Nature or Urban? These two ideals may sound like they have nothing to do with making a good photograph. But being in your element helps you relax and it also helps bring your personality into your photography session and into your images. I am sure you don’t want to look back on your images and say, “That day was uncomfortable”. Being in a comfortable setting is also about the message you want to convey to the clients serve or that your product serves.

3. Find the photographer that is right for you- If you are looking for headshots that are lifestyle, fun, urban, classy, chic… then find a photographer that can help you capture these elements. Ask questions, state what you want, look at their work and their personality.

4. Variety Variations in attire at your photography session allows you to have timeless looks. This permits you rotating  your images out in a few months or years on your social media profiles, professional publications, website, email footer, and brochures. This variation also protects your investment, giving you more bang for your buck.

5. Invest- Photography is a luxury and can be expensive. Headshots range from $500-$1,000 in the Denver Area and with only a handful of digital negatives.  So, don’t pick a photographer based on price only. You can find many photographers on Craigslist and Groupon but just because you got a good deal…doesn’t mean you will like what you see.  You will want to create a Professional Look, not a look that says, “My friend took these photos”. So consult a professional.

Best of luck! Remember, you are the face of your business and headshots are the first imagery to captivate your audience.

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I love working with professionals on obtaining a look the conveys what they do in their line of business and who they are.  Recently I have worked with a lovely therapist.  Marjorie Laird holds a private practice in Lakewood and dedicates a lot of her time and devotions to a non-profit foundation called Second Wind Fund.

Thank you Marjorie for helping and giving back to the community. Your efforts are selfless and heartfelt. It was a pleasure to photograph your professional head shots!

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