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Ah, the family photography session. You pick your photographer, you pick your outfits, and you rush around the house to look perfect for your shoot. You arrive ontime and get started, the kids just aren’t smiling as much as they do at home with your camera. They want to squirm around and run away. Parents often get stressed out when their kids aren’t doing what they imagined at the photo session. Relax, its ok! As a photographer, I am prepared for your children to absolutly hate my camera. As a result, I end up doing a bunch of funny stuff behind the camera to get their attention. The person worried about the childrens behavior the most is Mom and the person who gets frustrated the most is Dad. So relax!

As a Lifestyle photographer, I want you and your family to interact, so play, laugh have fun, ride in the wagon, swing on the swings, read a book, run around, take a walk, or do whatever it is that you do on a normal basis to have fun with your kids. Portraits are about capturing and embracing personality. If you want those super posed school photos with the backdrop, you buy them. Lets face it, most families find a professional photographer because they want to see beautiful, colorful, interactive images on their wall.

Here are a few tips for preparing your family for your photography session. This post is meant to help you be prepared and just have fun as a family. In the end you will be thankful that you took a few extra minutes to prepare so that you can relax.

1. Scheduling- Schedule your session with your photographer based on the best time of day that your kids are the most pleaseant for you. This may be after a meal, after a nap, after bathtime, you know your kids best.

2. Bring snacks- Kids get worn out quicker than us adults. An hour is a long time in kid world. Let them recharge with a few bites of food. Pack some snacks for you too, just in case you forgot to eat. Plus all of that running around getting ready, probably wore you out more than you thought.

3. Plan- Bring an extra set of clothes for kiddos, make sure your bag is packed, give yourself 10 extra minutes, and know where you are going.  Arrive before the session if possible. You want to get a parking spot and get the kids out of the car and acclimated to the shoot location.

4. Comforts- Bring favorite toys and a few other comforts from home to help the kids feel like they aren’t completely in a foreign place. At least they have their favorite item. These can also be used as an interactive peice that I can use as the photographer to interacte with your kids.

5. Let go- Let your expectations go out the door and just interact with your family. Of course times may come up where you do need to redirect the kids, get help from your partner and be specific about what is needed. If you need me as the photographer to back off for a few minutes and let the kids play. Just say it, it will make for cute interactive photographs. Besides the kids can run around and Mom and Dad can get a few shots.

Did you find this helpful?  do you have any other suggestions? Maybe you have more suggestions for parents? Please leave your comment below.

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Hi Everyone!

Lori J Photography will be offering an intro photography course, SNAP HAPPY, starting January 26th, 2014 @12pm-1:30pm. Snap Happy is an introductory photography course to help you take better photos. Whether you are an iphone picture person, have a little point and shoot camera that you use on your vacations, or got a new camera for Christmas, you can learn how to get better pictures.

You don’t need a fancy camera to take this course. This course is designed to help you get better photos no matter what camera you are using, better light, better angles, and better posing. So the next time you whip out your camera on vacation or in your home, you know you are getting the best shot to record your memories. Or when your baby does the cutest things when no one else is around to see, you will get the best results from your photo.

The January 26th, 2014, course will be taught online in webinar format, so you can log in from the the comfort of your home, learn, ask questions, and walk away knowing how to create pics that you are happy with! Spaces are limited to 20 people. So call 303-241-3738 to reserve your space today or email
Introductory pricing- is $75 per person. As part of the course you get a digital package delivered to your inbox containing a cheat sheet of tips to use after the course and some other goodies to help you  get better snaps.

Fellas, this makes a great surprise gift, especially if you got your lady a camera this past Christmas!

*This course is NOT to learn how to become a photographer, start a photography business, and will NOT teach you how to use the manual or advanced settings on your camera.

It’s December! AHHH! So much to do. Well, your month doesn’t HAVE to be a month of crazy busy. You can delegate tasks to make your life easier.  Especially with regards to your families Holiday Cards! Lori J Photography offers customized holiday cards that are delivered right to your door. Our clients have already began receiving their specialty boxes ready with holiday cards with their families beautiful portrait photography on them.  Ladies, this is the ultimate easy!

Didn’t get your photography done this year? Well, don’t miss out! A few more spots are open for December. So get your family all dolled up for those holiday portraits. Lori J Photography also offers gift certificates for 2014 photography sessions for that person in your family that would adore Lori J Photography’s customized portrait experience. Call 303-241-3738 or email

Remember to record the experiences of your family by creating memories and capturing moments in time. ~Lori J

The S family planned their Thanksgiving weekend in Denver and it was time to get some updated family photography. We planned to meet at Evergreen Lakehouse and the weather was to be mid 50’s, Perfect! Well, that morning, the snow clouds started rolling in and so did the cold temperatures. They also informed me how “unphotogenic” they were.  I couldn’t beleive it because as a photographer, that is what everyone says that about themselves. People think I am looking for something specific.  But really, I want to capture them and the essentce of their family. This family was no exception! And looking at these photos, I can say that we didn’t get  shots of an “unphotogenic” family. Not nearly! And they didn’t even look like they were freezing…which they were. They are delightful people and I am happy to have captured these images for them to cherish forever. Thank you to the S. Family, you are all awesome! And a big Thanks to Laura S. for the refferral!

I am pleased to say that we finally offering a giveaway! From 11/8-12/15 Enter to win!

Lori J Photography is offering a GIVEAWAY for a 30 minute Portrait Photography Session. Photography is a luxury expense.  The feeling and experience you have when you have had a professional, quality portrait, is priceless.  You see your beautiful canvas hung on your wall, share the beautiful images with friends and family, and get to hear how beautiful you and/or your family/children are, who doesn’t want that?!  
What better time than the start of Fall to enter for a chance to win a 30 minute customized portrait photography session from Lori J Photography? Portraits can be for families, individuals, children, professionals for head shots, engagement, or pet photography.  The session includes:
  • Photography session
  • Photography equipment and expertise
  • An online gallery of all of your beautifully edited images
  • 1 digital image with printing rights 
  • AND if the winner had over 350 entry points, they received a 16×20 professional print
To Enter: Go to our Facebook Page and click GIVEAWAY
Enter to WIN! Multiple entries can be made from 114/8-12/15, each day you can share, tweet, and post to friends pages to rack up points to win this giveaway for a session with me. Best of luck! – Lori J

It’s that time of the year, changing colors, warm clothes, cool-crisp air, and trips to Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Oh wait! That was all about what I like during the Fall. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year!!! As a professional portrait photographer, I LOVE when families want to bundle up and get outside in the morning for Fall Family photography. The colors of the leaves contrasted with green grass, make the PER-FECT family photo. Here in Denver, we have a vast amount of landscape to pick from too.

Every year, AND I mean EVERY year, families miss the perfect time for Fall photos. My clients call Lori J Photography in December and rush to get pictures in the FRIGID December snow, rush the family off to a photography session, rush print their Holiday cards, RUSH, RUSH, RUSH!  I feel their sense of urgency! Lets face it, you have a hard job as parents and Holiday cards probably do not enter your mind until Thanksgiving. By then, it’s cold, you are swamped with family gatherings, holiday shopping, baking, and keeping the kids occupied inside. So instead, you settle for a general holiday card just to say hello, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

Be on top of it this year. Take a moment to evaluate what you desire in your family portrait. Let Lori J Photography take care of your photographs and your holiday cards and enhance your family look.

Your photography session is customized to your families personality and interests. It’s not just a picture! Anyone can take a picture. Family portrait photography is about capturing a moment in time and capturing the essence of your family. This year invest in more than just a picture. Invest in an experience!

Take a look at some other family sessions that I have blogged on in the past.

I am pleased to say that all of my searches last year and endless hours hunting online and in person paid off. I have found so many wonderful distributors and vendors that make awesome products that I can offer to all of you, my clients. I believe this is very important because, not only will you get awesome photographs by yours truly, but you can have an array of products to choose from to display your FAVORITE images on your wall in your home! That is exciting.

My job as a photographer is to bring art into your home. Most of the time that art is of you BUT, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to hang it up! It is a way for you to relish in your life and all of the emotion that it brings. All you will need is a hammer and a nail.

If you had a shoot from me in the past and would like to find out how your home can be decorated with beautiful canvas prints or lovely photographs, please contact me.

We started off the newborn session photo session with a baby not loving that we put her out in the air with no comforts of her warm, fluffy blanket.  But between breaks and cute snuggles with mom and dad, Baby McKenzie settled for a swaddle from Daddy and was off to sleep.  Newborn photography can be tricky and really stressful for new parents, but the M family rocked it. Enjoy the sneak peak!

Lori J Photography
Rayna McGinnis Photography

Three wonderful photographers have come together to bring you Summer Fun Mini Session in City Park of Denver on July 25th, 2012! Sessions will be scheduled from 4:00-7:30 pm

City Park is a beautiful location in itself. We’ll also be offering two colorful and FUN backdrops! These backdrops will also come with exciting props like pinwheels, a lemonade pitcher and more.

Each Summer Fun Mini Session fee includes a 20 minute session, one 8×10, one facebook image and an online gallery to order prints and high resolution images from. These mini sessions are great for family portraits, individual portraits, pet portraits and more!

You can reserve your spot by or by calling 303-241-3738. Remember spaces are limited so make sure to reserve your sport right away!

Being carefree is something that comes natural to kids.  When on my photo shoots, I like to have fun with kids and do things they love to do. On this day, it was having fun playing into an imaginary bear Fuzz and his owner Leili.  All dolled up with a pink, pressed coat, matching Converse, and a sequined heart shirt, Leili and Fuzz were all pepped up for a day in the park in Denver shooting with yours truly. Remember, having fun is important!