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My husband and I went to Paris, France this year between visiting family in Europe.  This is one of our favorite cities! I wanted to buy a piece of art while we were there.  However, there just isn’t enough time to shop and experience. I got on Pinterest and started looking around at images of Paris so that we hit all of the hot spots that locals love.  I came across the work of Stacy Reeves of L’amour de Paris (English speakers hint: There no pronunciation of the S in Paris).  I was immediately taken away by her work! A photography session was perfect, it would be our piece of art recording our experience in Paris. I was really excited for our session and pleased to know that she was available the dates we were in Paris.  I wanted to go for a modern look. So, I consulted with jewelry designer Jerry Moran of Criffin Desings to get the perfect look.  The modern, sleek designs fit the theme of  our session and are made milary aircraft material, how is that for historical inclusion?

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I am always behind the camera. Not to mention when I go on vacation.  I am rarely in front of the camera and get photos taken.  The summers are always busy with my photography that there is little time for my own family session.  Honestly, being at my own photography session gives a perspective on what it is like for my clients to be on the other side of the camera.  But, after the first few minutes, I was just fine and having fun with my husband.  Afterall, we were in Paris getting photos in front of the Le Tour Eiffel (aka The Eiffel Tower).  After walking around the city all night, we were a bit tired and definitely did not go to bed early for our early morning session. I got up at 5am to fix my hair, on the Metro ride to our location, I could feel the waves in my hair coming back. I slipped on my Criffin designs jewlery and we started our session. And it was fun!  Stacy captured exactly what we wanted. Take a look at our session.

Photography By: L’amour de Paris

Jewelry Designer: Criffin Designs




Ah, the family photography session. You pick your photographer, you pick your outfits, and you rush around the house to look perfect for your shoot. You arrive ontime and get started, the kids just aren’t smiling as much as they do at home with your camera. They want to squirm around and run away. Parents often get stressed out when their kids aren’t doing what they imagined at the photo session. Relax, its ok! As a photographer, I am prepared for your children to absolutly hate my camera. As a result, I end up doing a bunch of funny stuff behind the camera to get their attention. The person worried about the childrens behavior the most is Mom and the person who gets frustrated the most is Dad. So relax!

As a Lifestyle photographer, I want you and your family to interact, so play, laugh have fun, ride in the wagon, swing on the swings, read a book, run around, take a walk, or do whatever it is that you do on a normal basis to have fun with your kids. Portraits are about capturing and embracing personality. If you want those super posed school photos with the backdrop, you buy them. Lets face it, most families find a professional photographer because they want to see beautiful, colorful, interactive images on their wall.

Here are a few tips for preparing your family for your photography session. This post is meant to help you be prepared and just have fun as a family. In the end you will be thankful that you took a few extra minutes to prepare so that you can relax.

1. Scheduling- Schedule your session with your photographer based on the best time of day that your kids are the most pleaseant for you. This may be after a meal, after a nap, after bathtime, you know your kids best.

2. Bring snacks- Kids get worn out quicker than us adults. An hour is a long time in kid world. Let them recharge with a few bites of food. Pack some snacks for you too, just in case you forgot to eat. Plus all of that running around getting ready, probably wore you out more than you thought.

3. Plan- Bring an extra set of clothes for kiddos, make sure your bag is packed, give yourself 10 extra minutes, and know where you are going.  Arrive before the session if possible. You want to get a parking spot and get the kids out of the car and acclimated to the shoot location.

4. Comforts- Bring favorite toys and a few other comforts from home to help the kids feel like they aren’t completely in a foreign place. At least they have their favorite item. These can also be used as an interactive peice that I can use as the photographer to interacte with your kids.

5. Let go- Let your expectations go out the door and just interact with your family. Of course times may come up where you do need to redirect the kids, get help from your partner and be specific about what is needed. If you need me as the photographer to back off for a few minutes and let the kids play. Just say it, it will make for cute interactive photographs. Besides the kids can run around and Mom and Dad can get a few shots.

Did you find this helpful?  do you have any other suggestions? Maybe you have more suggestions for parents? Please leave your comment below.

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It’s December! AHHH! So much to do. Well, your month doesn’t HAVE to be a month of crazy busy. You can delegate tasks to make your life easier.  Especially with regards to your families Holiday Cards! Lori J Photography offers customized holiday cards that are delivered right to your door. Our clients have already began receiving their specialty boxes ready with holiday cards with their families beautiful portrait photography on them.  Ladies, this is the ultimate easy!

Didn’t get your photography done this year? Well, don’t miss out! A few more spots are open for December. So get your family all dolled up for those holiday portraits. Lori J Photography also offers gift certificates for 2014 photography sessions for that person in your family that would adore Lori J Photography’s customized portrait experience. Call 303-241-3738 or email

Remember to record the experiences of your family by creating memories and capturing moments in time. ~Lori J

The Fall leaves will not last long but, your portrait can last forever! Imagine your family here in this beautiful location with the perfect Fall leaves. Hurry, mother nature is not on our watch.

Schedule your photography session with LJP before 11/30/13 and get a complimentary 12×18 print!!__investment

I look forward to meeting all of your beautiful families!

This Summer has been a blast! I have spent so much time outdoors snapping away with my camera. I set some time aside to host the Furry Friends Mini Photography sessions in June of this year. It was so much fun, I really love dogs and felt that this project was important. This year was especially sad as many of my friends had their beloved pets pass away and really wished they had gotten some images to capture their pooch so they could cherish there pooch just they way they were in their final days. I know that generally people don’t think to get a photographer for their pets, however, a pet is part of the family. These moments are memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. You can’t deny these furry friends from my photography shoot from bringing a smile to your face. 
I had two adorable dogs in round two of the Furry Friends Mini Photography Sessions in Denver, Seamus and Adelaide. Check out the playful dogs below. I was told they enjoyed their toys when they got home from our session. I got one cell phone photo with a thank you from Seamus, a thank you card from Adelaide with a follow-up photo of the demolished dog toy (She ate the ears off first). But man these pups sure know how to say thank you! On that note, I have to say a big THANK YOU to my doggie goodie bag sponsor, Green Buddies USA, off Colfax, they supplied heathy treats for the Furry Friend Mini Session. 
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
If you are intersted in being a part of next years Furry Friends Mini Sessions, please email and I will add you to my newsletter distribution. 

Super Awesome News!! I am on the ballot for the Denver A-List. This is a cool honor for Lori J Photography. There are over 200 photographers on the ballot. I personally use Denver A-list for picking vendors and restaurants to go check out. I ask for your time and a quick vote, especially

if you are my past client. I love to hear from you and about your experience and mostly importantly my new clients do too! So head on over to the link below and cast your vote for Lori J Photography, Denver’s Best Wedding Photographer. There are only 14 days left.


I love dogs! I have two of my own and they steal my heart. Our animals are family members in our households. Most people would not think to get photography of their dogs until it is too late. I cherish life’s moments and see photography as a visual representation of a moment in time for us to remember. Please take a moments to pet your animals today and take a moment to enjoy the smiles they bring you.

The Furry Friends Mini Session was a hit! I recruited my husband to help me with this photo session because I knew that being behind the camera and taming a few puppies, was a multitasking job that I couldn’t tackle. It was a fabulous overcast day, which is a photographers dream! As each dog arrived at the shoot, the owners received their goodie bags filled with coupons, organic treats, all natural dog bones, and a squeak toy.  The dogs knew that behind that tissue paper was a treat, so they tore into the tissue paper and trampled over the lovely bag. I guess the dogs didn’t care as much about presentation as us humans.

Did you miss this mini session, well then sign up for updates on the blog or Facebook and stay tuned for the next themed mini session held by Lori J Photography. I picked a few of my favorite images. Enjoy!

I was on Pinterest and came across a board that I just loved. As a Denver wedding photographer, I am always looking at wedding blogs, magazines, stores, and websites. A hot new wedding trend color this year is MINT.  I do think that Mint is an awesome wedding color! Mint reminds me of the stone jade, which in other cultures is good luck. Having good luck is the best for wedding day activities, why not spread out the luck everywhere by having the color mint as part of your theme. Mint is also refreshing and that is a must during summer outdoor weddings.

My inspiration for todays blog:

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I recently had the pleasure of photographing shots of a family and engagement session in one. Let me tell you this family was awesome! They warned me that their kiddos would be running all over the place, well they were! BUT, that didn’t stop us from getting some great images and having a good time! Thank you Gina, Glen, & all your wonderful kiddos!

 Denver Wedding Photographer

I love working with professionals on obtaining a look the conveys what they do in their line of business and who they are.  Recently I have worked with a lovely therapist.  Marjorie Laird holds a private practice in Lakewood and dedicates a lot of her time and devotions to a non-profit foundation called Second Wind Fund.

Thank you Marjorie for helping and giving back to the community. Your efforts are selfless and heartfelt. It was a pleasure to photograph your professional head shots!

Lori J Photography