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We are pleased to announce that we were featured on the blog of Denver Wedding Planner Lisabeth Events! Lisa has been featured on our blog after started up her planning business. Lets face it ladies, the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is pay for a wedding planner, but then you would miss out on all of the good tips, tricks, and unique vendor’s Lisa has to offer.


One of those things are tips and tricks on how to select a photographer. Here is the link to her blog in which she has featured Lori J Photography’s work. We are pleased to offer Lisabeth Events planning services in our Platinum Photography Packages.

As a photographer, I think that Lisa offers a great suggestions for finding the perfect photographer for your big day. I might add to check out the contract details and make sure your photographer has a back up photographer and is insured, and isn’t just a “Fauxtographer”. Additionally,  as much as you want to save money…your memories are to be treasured and left to a professional whose style caught your eye from the beginning, not just because the $$$’s. 

Best of Luck in your wedding planning. 



I love beach weddings. Because I am from Florida, I have had the opportunity to return home and photograph some wonderful beach weddings. While I am sitting here watching the snow fall in Denver, I was reminded of this wonderful wedding on Anna Maria Island, Florida. If you are thinking of a beach or destination wedding spot, this board might be of interest. But if you are only stopping by to look at pretty wedding photos, Enjoy!

It is the last month approaching your wedding……you realize that you have way too much to do. Instead of enjoying the planning and relishing the details of your wedding, you have to run around, get supplies, and beg your friends, family, and your soon to be husband to be to help you finish all of the details. There is just one thing………….you are not enjoying yourself running around like a chicken with your head cut off.  Of course your wedding day should be fabulous, but you should not have to give up all of your time of enjoying the process.

This was me about 8 years ago when I got married.  As an artistic bride, I wanted everything “one of a kind”, of course my wedding turned out fabulous and I had a good time, BUT, in retrospect, I wish I would have paid a event planner to take care of those details for me. I admit the idea of an event planner seams expensive, but overall the time and money they save you is worth the little bit of change out of your pocket upfront. You couples out there have wonderful ideas, I am sure you can communicate those to a wedding planner.

Suggestions, keep it simple but elegant. Take a moment to calculate how much time a project will take you versus hiring someone to do it for you. That way on the big day, you are in awe of your own reception and are glad you did not work up to the last second making EVERYTHING!

Happy wedding planning!

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